Woshio = mobile and modifiable hand wash unit designed for public spaces.

This Finnish innovation only requires electricity and a bit of space to work – no plumbing, no hassle. Woshio is provided as a service that includes everything you and your customers need (installation, product refills and maintenance) making it an easy solution for all.

Haluatko lukea Woshiosta suomeksi, voit tehdä sen täällä.

Airports and terminals.
Schools and kindergartens.
Libraries and sports halls.

You name it!

The hand wash unit is compiled to suit your space and wishes, and it can always be moved or reassembled.
The Woshio measures are only 2 m x 2.7 m x 80 cm (HxWxD).
Clean hands = safer environment.

Hand washing is the most effective way to maintain
better hand hygiene.

Woshio is a simple and easy way to offer your customers the possibility of a familiar and safe hand wash en route.

Interested? Invest in hygiene and safety.

"There has been a certain shift in customer needs due to the coronavirus pandemic, and we are increasingly aware of the importance of health and safety during various phases of our customer experience. We want to be a responsible operator and ensure a safe customer experience, which Woshio’s service innovation will help us achieve."
- Marika Pauli, Head of Passenger Services and Property Development, Port of Helsinki -

“There are a lot of families with children in our clientele, and we were really happy that the convertible Woshio also bowed to our little customers - the second sink of the handwashing unit is mounted at a height that the child can easily reach. We at Puuvilla want to invest in environmental friendliness and are constantly looking for new solutions to maintain our reputation as an energy-efficient and low-emission shopping center. ”
- Shopping Center Director Tiina Justén, Porin Puuvilla-

"So absolutely awesome !!!! I just wanted to let you know that this handwashing point is quite a top invention! Normalize this! JES!"
"It's great that such services are being developed." "Great idea !!!"
- Customer feedbacks, Porin Puuvilla Shopping Center -

"Awesome idea! I really do wash my hands easily when I'm shopping, without having to look for a (not always so hygienic) restroom."
"Great invention!" "Splendor system."
-Customer feedbacks, Shopping Center Sello-

Woshio can be called a small water purify factory.

Water recycling and purification are Finnish know-how. Woshio pure water is based on a combination of reverse osmosis, UV sterilization and other traditional filter techniques. Woshio’s intelligent water recycling and purification technology also saves a considerable amount when the same water can be utilized up to several hundred times.

A hand wash unit that feels familiar and safe yet it’s like nothing the world has seen before.

Contact us and we’ll let you in on how our finnovation works